Brewtown – Lonehill (Jozi)


Brewtown has a great vibe and they make a pretty decent coffee. Their cappuccino has a nutty flavour with definite hazelnut notes coming through. The coffee is delicate on the tongue and the foam is of a pleasing consistency. This is the kind of place that is ideal for those looking to do some “out of the office” work in a calm and cozy environment. As with most coffee shops, they have free wi-fi for patrons. A nice touch that I liked was the provision of many plug points for laptop junkies wanting to get some serious focused work done.


Open from 7am to 7pm weekdays
Saturday from 7am to 4pm
Sunday from 9am to 2pm
Lonehill Shopping Centre
(near) Fourways


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  1. Hey Adrian!

    Thanks so much for the kind words. We appreciate every one of them.
    We hope to see you back at Brewtown soon!

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