Melissa’s – Dainfern (Jozi)


This familiar chain is a welcome addition to Dainfern centre. The cappuccino is well made, with a pleasing head of foam. Dark chocolate undertones make this a coffee a wonderful delight to the senses. If you manage to get the sweetness level to your liking with the unusual speckled sugar, you are in for a treat.

Food offerings are predictably excellent with nice flourishes to the assortment of dishes available on the menu. This store offered a buffet style lunch while we were there, in which a lovely array of delectable options were on offer at a price per 100g.

Open daily from 7:30am to 5:30pm
Dainfern Square,
Corner of William Nicol & Broardacres Drive,


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  1. 3 posts in 2016.. come on.. surely you can do better than this?!
    Stumbled upon this site while looking for a desktop application called “caffiene” to keep the computer from going to sleep (funny, I know)

    Maybe try Cape Town again.. we’ve got a coffee store on every corner, rooftop, and probably in mid air by now

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