Melt – Nicolway Bryanston (Jozi)


Melt is an unassuming little coffee shop on the downstairs level of the Nicolway. Their cakes are good – the carrot cake is of legendary proportions and must be tried. The chocolate fondue is totally decadent – we highly recommend it.

Melt makes the best hot chocolate in Jozi, period. Their coffee is of an equally high standard made with africa black beans. The cappuccino is medium strength and very easy on the tongue.

Open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00am to 4:30pm
Nicolway Shopping Centre

melt cappuccino


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  1. We frequent Melt as often as life’s schedule allows, usually after groceries on the weekend.
    I’ve got my usual order of their filter coffee and wholewheat scone (with strawberry jam, whipped cream and grated emmental cheese). Delicious!

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